Board of Directors

The ICRA board strives to bring its members information from the state and accrediting bodies in a timely manner and to promote the education and growth of the cancer registry profession.

Meet Your ICRA Board of Directors

2022 Executive Committee
President:  Samantha Kunz, CTR
President Elect: Leann Capps, BA, CTR
Past President: Tracy Paulus, CTR
Vice President: Beth Otto, CTR, AAS-MA, CMA
Secretary: Melissa Craw, AAS, CTR & Cathy Haynes (Appointed Assistant)
Treasurer: Martha Hill, AAS, CTR

2022 Committee Chairs
By-Laws:  Mandi Kraushaar, RHIA, CTR
Education: Leslie Woodard, CTR
Historian: Danielle Deckard, CTR
Liasions: Kristin Walsh, CTR
Membership: Martha Hill, AAS, CTR
Nominations: Tracy Paulus, CTR
Program Chairs: Emily Freeman, RHIT, CTR, Tracy Paulus, CTR
Public Relations: Leann Capps, BA, CTR
Ways and Means: Joann Schultz, RHIT, CTR & Stephanie Darringer
Webmaster: Cassie Nobbe, CTR