President’s Message

Dear ICRA Members,


Hope this message finds everyone healthy and well.  As you all know ICRA has made the decision to cancel our Annual Fall Educational Workshop this November due to the global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

Protecting the health, safety, and well-being of our members, and attendees, is paramount, and serves as the reason for our decision to cancel the ICRA Fall Workshop.  Cancelling is the right thing to do during this historic time.

Our Executive Board, Board of Directors and Annual Program Team have been meeting frequently and have planned an several “Virtual Educational Series of Webinars” between August and November!

Thanks to Tracy Paulus and Peggy Downs we have a fantastic Fall Line-up of educational opportunities free of charge to ICRA members.  Please make sure to visit ICRA’s web site @  for more information such as webinar dates/times, CE and registration information.

Here’s the skinny on our August educational webinar! 😊

  • Speaker: Gina McNellis, MA, RHIA, CTR, CHP, Director of Registry Services Himagine Services
  • Date: 8/27/20 12 noon Eastern
  • Topic: Tumor Talk:  Overview of Various Sites and Valuable Resources


  • Discuss tips for more efficient abstracting
  • Discuss the nuances of abstracting breast, colorectal, and thyroid cancers.
  • Highlight areas where registrars struggle abstracting.
  • Identify various resources available to the registrar when coding cases and how to use them

We’ve been successful in conducting our ICRA Nomination process thanks to Past President and Nominations Chair Joann Schultz.  These nominations and the election process will form the board for our incoming President Tracy Paulus!  Thanks to all of you who sent in nominations.  Keeping ICRA alive and active is crucial to the future of the cancer registrars of Indiana. Thanks Joann!

Membership activity driven by Martha Hill has been a hit as we are maintaining membership quotas even during this frustrating pandemic.  Thanks Martha!

Melissa Craw, Education Chair has been working with Tracy and Peggy contributing her own webinar on “Coding Histological Grade”. See details on our website and inside this newsletter.  She is scheduled to speak in September.

We have webinars planned for August, September, October, November, and December.  Including the webinar by Sam in July ICRA will be providing 7 CE’s.  Of note, Tracy and Peggy were mindful of dates of other educational webinars when we planned ICRA’s events.

We plan on doing an installation of ICRA officers for 2021 and our awards ceremony in November following the educational webinar.

Thanks to you LeAnn Capps for being ICRA’s Public Relations Chair.  Leann keeps ICRA members informed of what we do by mastering ICRA’s publication, The Abstract and helping us obtain contributions from outside vendors/companies for educational and membership support. Thanks Leann!

Angela Koszyk, ICRA’s Treasurer was very pivotal in helping us build up our infrastructure as well securing a marriage of payment processing with our ICRA website using the abilities of the website to the fullest! Angela communicated frequently with the owners of the website assuring that ICRA gets what we pay for.  Thanks Angela.  Also, she made sure we all were good stewards of ICRA when is comes to spending $$. 😊

Cassie Nobbe, ICRA’s Webmaster strengthened and activated functionality of ICRA’s web site making sure processes were functional.  Cassie assured processes allowing ICRA members to pay membership on-line or manually, we now have the liberty to extend your vote, register for educational events, ask questions etc.   Thank you – Cassie!

Patti Lawson, our silent but powerful warrior, is working on Historian materials, cleaning house, and making transitions easier…but keeping ICRA’s history in tack. Patti also has done wonderful artful displays for ICRA volunteering time.  Thanks Patti!

Emily Freeman, my right-hand partner, handles Secretarial duties keeping me in line building agenda and powerpoints and taking minutes.  She also is ICRA’s By-laws Chair (with great assistance from Martha).  Thanks Emily…it is all about “what’s in the minutes”.

Sam Kunz is our Liaison keeping us all up to date on what’s new very thoroughly. Sam has special connections bringing ICRA members news as it happens Thanks Sam!

I want to thank YOU ICRA, my Executive and Board of Directors for your commitment to ICRA members.

Please make sure too – to spread the word to members that you think may not access their emails. 😊

And lastly, thank you for your patience, understanding, and unwavering commitment to ICRA!  I pray every day for this nightmare to be all over and we can plan an in-person meeting!  Let us focus on the good things that will happen and work together putting differences aside.

Prayers to all of you and your family members and friends from the ICRA Board.

Yours Very Truly,